Our grove from where Duck Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested is located close to the Mahurangi Harbour and 6km from the heart of Matakana. Travelling down a quiet country road, you will find the grove, which is nestled in a beautiful natural valley surrounded by New Zealand native trees and the gentle mist from the clear waters of Duck Creek.


Privately owned, managed and personally harvested by Derek and Sally Holland this grove has over fifteen years of growth, offering a cross selection of Leccino, Frantoio, Koroneiki, Albany Gold, (J5) Chemali and Pendolino olive trees. 


Planted to offer the best results for wind pollination these varietals work together to create an award winning extra virgin olive oil, which is marvellous for the palate and good for the soul.


Gold Medal – Olives NZ Awards

Silver Medal – Los Angeles County Fair

Gold Medal - Oliveti Awards 2014

Silver Medal - Oliveti Awards 2015

Bronze Medal - Oliveti Awards 2015

Silver Medal - Oliveti Awards 2016

Silver Medal - Oliveti Awards 2017

Silver Medal - Oliveti Awards 2018

Silver Medal - Commercial Olives NZ 2018

Silver Medal - Boutique Olives NZ 2018

Silver medals x 2 New Zealand Olive Awards 2019
Silver medals x 2 Oliveti Awards 2019
Gold medal Oliveti Awards 2019
Best In Class Oliveti Awards 2019
Best In Show Oliveti Awards 2019
Overall Trophy Winners Oliveti Awards 2019

Silver Medals x 2 New Zealand Olive Award 2020

Gold Medal - New Zealand Olive Awards 2020

Silver Medals x 2 Oliveti Awards 2020

Gold Medal - Oliveti Awards 2020

Best in Class - Oliveti Awards 2020

Best in Show - Oliveti Awards 2020

Overall Trophy Winners Oliveti Awards 2020

Silver Medal Oliveti Awards 2021
Silver Medal Olives New Zealand Awards 2021


2010 Sample sent to Michael Bradley (Judge Los Angeles County Fair, Importer of premium quality olive oil from around the world) for evaluation.  “I am pleased to tell you I have awarded your oil 91.7.  It is clearly gold medal quality as the highest score I awarded any oil last year at the LA County Fair was 88.  Congratulations it is amongst the three best oils in the world right now!”


2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil New Zealand


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